About Us

We are a group of five photographic enthusiasts, each with a distinction awarded by the Royal Photographic Society.

Our key objective is to capture the essence of human movement within the still image and to this end our work involves collaboration with artists from various areas of performance, but primarily the genre of dance.

The members of our group are:

Alan Bastin LRPS

I've been an enthusiastic sports and nature photographer for many years and enjoy capturing the movement of my subjects whether it be a hawk chasing it's prey or a world class jet skier performing amazing aerial tricks. Through joining both the RPS and Exeter Camera Club I've met some very talented photographers, who just happen to be in the group, who have inspired me to use my passion and knowledge of movement in the world of dance. We have worked with some very talented dancers who are always willing try to process our ideas to enable us to get the perfect shot.

John Sanders ARPS

I am a photographer based in Devon, England with experience in photographing the skills and abilities of performing artists. In 2012 I was awarded an Associate distinction by the Royal Photographic Society for a panel of images based on dance and I am particularly keen to keep working with performing artists from a range of styles and genres who are looking to add to their own portfolio of images.

David Snowden ARPS

From a very young age I have been a keen photographer starting with a Zenith TTL and progressing onto a Canon AE1. Originally coming from a North Devon farming family I am a fifth generation farmer, and along with my wife (and our five children) farm organically in Mid Devon, Near Exeter.

As the children have become older I revived my passion for photography and soon achieved a Licentiate at the Royal Photographic Society. I joined Exeter Camera Club, one of the oldest and largest clubs in the southwest and now serve as it's President. I am also a judge for the Western Counties Photographic Federation as well as occasionally giving talks.

I own and run a commercial studio from my farm along with fellow photographer Pooch Purity.

Di Wilkins ARPS

I have been a keen photographer for about 12 years, since joining Exeter Camera Club, where I am a Past President. I am also a member of the South West Committee for the Royal Photographic Society, where I recently gained my Associateship. I have been invited to numerous camera clubs as a guest speaker.

Initially interested in landscape photography from my love of travel, this was quickly surpassed by my passion for flowers, still life, and dance photography. Being part of this project has been an honour and a delight, not least because of the number of lovely people it has enabled us to meet.

Miranda Wood LRPS

I completed a short course with the Open University in 2011 and went on to do an evening course at my local college in 2012. In the same year I joined the Royal Photographic Society and gained my Licentiateship Distinction in 2014.

I have an interest in trying to create the feeling of movement within an image, which stems from my love for light painting. Having achieved some interesting results before this project with wire-wool spinning and light strobes, the idea of creating movement with dancers seemed like an interesting challenge.